Reading Glasses Distribution.

Please join us in our global effort. Over the last two decades, we have distributed 6,101 free reading glasses throughout Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan.

Providing Reading Glasses

Good Health For Everyone

In over past 2 decades, we have covered 3,209 + Operations successfully and have distributed 3,704+ reading glasses in Kashmir.

Healthcare facilities in Kashmir are reducing their operations due to a lack of funding. However, the medical needs of Kashmiris are rising.


Eye Clinics

People were screened at a free eye clinic, and your donations funded 3209 cataract procedures, eye exams, spectacles, and medications for the patients.

Eye Operations

In over past 2 decades, we have covered 3,209+ Operations successfull. Especially to help in the reduction of cataract as it is the leading cause of blindness.

Eye Camps

We have run 37 eye camps. Eye Camps are being held the most improverished districts of Kashmir to help people avoid becoming blind by providing eye exams and cataract surgery.

Reading Glasses Distribution

We’ve given away 3,704 free reading glasses in Kashmir during the last two decades. To test your vision and give away free samples, free eye exams and free glasses are offered.

Football League

Football Matches being held  in Kashmir.

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